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10 Rising Ghanaian Musicians to Watch Out For in 2024

From skilled rappers to soulful singers, these rising stars are gradually pushing the boundaries of Ghanaian music and gaining international recognition.

As the Ghanaian music industry continues to evolve, a new generation of talented artists bursts onto the scene every year, bringing with them a fresh wave of innovative styles and genres that shake up the status quo and leave us eager for more. From skilled rappers to soulful singers, these rising stars are gradually pushing the boundaries of Ghanaian music and gaining international recognition.

In this article, we introduce you to 10 fast rising musicians from Ghana you should look out for in 2024.

Baaba J

Baaba J is gradually making waves in the music scene with her unique lyrical style and alte sound. She skillfully blends English, Pidgin, and Ga to create her tunes. Citing Nigerian songstress, Asa, as a major influence, Baaba J released her debut project “Lumumba Street” in 2020, followed by critically acclaimed singles “Lovin 21” and “Tomboy”. In April 2023, she was announced as Spotify’s  EQUAL Africa artiste for that month. With her genre-bending sound and soulful vocals, Baaba J is definitely one to watch in the music in 2024.

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Next up on the list is the talented and sensational Xlimkid, known for his inspiring street anthems. With a unique blend of  Twi and English, Xlimkid’s harmonious voice creates a distinctive sound that sets him apart. His popular single “Lonely Road”, featuring YGA O’ Kenneth, garnered widespread attention and even caught the eye of Chicago-based rapper LilDurk. If you are fan of songs that encapsulates life’s heavy experiences, Xlimkid is your answer.

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Kojo Blak

Another Ghanaian talent whose star is  gradually shining is Kojo Blak. The young singer from Dansoman, a suburb of Accra, started making waves in 2021, with his unique afrofusion style. Kojo Blak adopts a little bit of the Nigerian pigin lingua, and blends it with Ga and twi dialects to craft serenading melodies, that soothes the ear drum. Kojo Blak’s music echoes love and struggle stories that resonates with the African male.


99 Phaces

Meet the trailblazing rap collective comprising Cozypols, Freddie Gambini, Mel and Insvne Auggie. The group broke into the music scene with the refreshing rap single “Kiddie Time” which gained them a lot of attention. The group then released their first EP “So We Made a Tape” in 2023. The talented group is one to watch out for in 2024.


Ohene Tk

For rap enthusiasts who yearn for the golden era of the Kasahari rap style in modern times, Ohene TK, is the rapper to look out for in 2024. His rap style masterfully embodies the aggressiveness of Lord Kenya, along with an intrinsic twi diction, while maintaining his original fast paced flow.

His singles “Wheel of Time” , “Undiluted” “No Friends No Enemies” bear testament to his unique Kasahari technique.


Beeztrap KOTM 

Beeztrap King of the Moment as he likes to refer to himself, is the brilliant composer behind the “Fly Girl” hit single circulating on social media. He is known mostly for laying catchy choruses that elevates any song he is featured on including Tulenkey’s “Bad Feeling” and Sarkodie’s “Amen.”  The King of the Moment is definitely one talent to watch out for in 2024.


Kookusi Jnr

Kookusi Jnr is a storytelling rapper who lays his verses with a thematic approach that focuses on real life experiences. His music mainly addresses  mental and socio- economic issues. On his debut album “5foot3,” he candidly addresses various societal concerns, including self-doubt, addictions, stereotypes, and hypocrisy.


Titi Owusu

Titi Owusu is an Afropop singer known for her genre-defying style, blending diverse sounds to create a unique musical identity. The talented songstress effortlessly explores  a wide range of genres including R&B, hip-hop, Afro-pop, lovers rock, and highlife. She is known for her hit singles “Karma” , “Odo Ntia” and  “Make me Believe.”



Moliy music gained massive attention when she collaborated with Amaarae on “Sad Girls Luv Money.” Prior to the collaboration, the talented singer was already buzzing on social media after she started releasing songs during the covid 19 pandemic. With her tiny signature voice, Moliy has captured the hearts of fans across West Africa and beyond.


Nana Fofie 

Nana Fofie, the Ghanaian singer based in the Netherlands, initially gained recognition by sharing mashup covers of popular songs online. Her impressive vocal skills caught the attention of Nicki Minaj, who signed her in 2023. Fofie’s  early releases including “Odo”, “Bebe”, and “International”, led to the release of her first EP “RNBW.”

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