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Adjetey Anang Refuses Nude and Intimate Roles, Regardless of Pay

According to the "Things We Do for Love" actor, there are characters or roles that he would swiftly reject, which other actors would gladly take on

Seasoned Ghanaian actor, Adjetey Annang, has reiterated his stance on shunning film roles that would require him to engage in nudity, intimacy, and violence, regardless of the hefty sum of money attached.

Speaking in a recent interview on TV3, the actor revealed that his decisions are rooted in personal principles that were made towards preserving the integrity of his craft.

“I can’t compromise on certain aspects of my craft, and I’m willing to miss out on opportunities rather than sacrifice my principles”, he noted.

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According to the “Things We Do for Love” actor, there are characters or roles that he would swiftly reject, which other actors would gladly take on.

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“There are characters that I may not play. Somebody else would play it… Nudity, nude scenes, and very graphic, intimate scenes. That’s the thing. It’s not about the money,” he said. 

To illustrate the negative impact of such roles, he shared an experience where a role played by Fred Amugi affected him in real life. The actor said a food vendor in Kumasi refused to sell food to Fred Amugi because he once portrayed a criminal in a film. He explained that this happened because, in Ghana, people often struggle to distinguish between an actor’s character and their real-life personality.

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“And that’s how serious people take it. They can’t draw a line between the craft and the actor”, he remarked.

Adjetey Anang along with two colleagues, Daniel Delong and Peter Ritchie were on the show, to discuss a new movie, dubbed “The Groomsmen.” The film is set to be premiered on July 12 at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra Mall.

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