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Cameras Flood South African Cities, But Can They Stop Crime Wave?

How will a CCTV flooded town mitigate crime.

South Africa’s biggest metros are investing in additional CCTV and drone surveillance capacity in a bid to clamp down on crime, reports News24.

The City of Cape Town has allocated R23 million for upgrading its CCTV network over the next three years and R7 million for purchasing drones and training operators over the next two years.

Meanwhile, the Gauteng Provincial Government, the City of Johannesburg, and the City of Tshwane have partnered with Vumacam, which has rapidly expanded its CCTV camera network in the province to over 7,000 public cameras.

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The city of eThekwini has also repaired its CCTV network and announced expansion plans.  Crime expert and lecturer at Stellenbosch University Dr Guy Lamb said the value of CCTV systems extended beyond the volume of arrests they lead to, as surveillance systems also have a deterrent effect as people will be less likely to commit a crime if there is a chance it is being caught on camera and there will be a response.

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