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Chamber of Cement Manufacturers Petitions Parliament to Reject Proposed LI on Cement Prices

Cement manufacturers petition Parliament to reject a Legislative Instrument that seek to regulate the price of cement, saying the Minister of Trade and Industry took a solo action on the matter.

The Chamber of Cement Manufacturers, Ghana (COCMAG) has petitioned Parliament to reject a proposed Legislative Instrument (LI) aimed at regulating cement prices.

This LI was submitted to Parliament by the Minister of Trade and Industry, K.T. Hammond, without prior consultation with industry stakeholders, according to the chamber.

COCMAG CEO, Dr. George Dawson-Amoah in the petition said that the proposal undermines fairness, transparency, and inclusive decision-making, failing to address the complex issues driving cement price escalation, primarily the rapid depreciation of the Ghanaian cedi against the US dollar.

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“The unilateral attempt by the Minister to introduce this proposal to Parliament without engaging with us is not only unfair but also detrimental to the spirit of partnership and mutual respect that should guide our collective efforts to stabilize and grow the industry,” Dr. Dawson-Amoah stated.

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He further urged, “In light of these concerns, we respectfully petition Parliament to decline the proposed Legislative Instrument and to direct the Minister of Trade and Industry to engage with the Chamber of Cement Manufacturers and other relevant stakeholders to discuss and address the underlying causes of the price escalation. Such a collaborative approach will enable us to develop effective and sustainable solutions that consider the interests of all parties involved.”

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Dr. Dawson-Amoah assured that COCMAG is committed to collaborating with the government to achieve a stable and prosperous cement industry in Ghana.

The price of cement, which sold for around GH¢26 cedis in 2019, has shot up above GH¢100, significantly impacting the cost of building or renting a property.

Meanwhile the Minority in Parliament has blocked the laying of a legislative instrument from the Trade and Industry Ministry. The NDC MPs are demanding that the LI go through pre-laying procedures before being formally laid on the floor.

But the Majority Leader, Alexander Afenyo-Markin, argues that the NDC’s insistence on pre-laying every single L.I. is not in line with the constitution.

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