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Counter Advertisement to LPG Cylinder Circulation Emerges on TV

A group of LPG operators are sponsoring advertisements that counter the cylinder circulation model recommended by the NPA.

A new advertisement promoting the filling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders has surfaced on national television, countering the ongoing campaign by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) for cylinder circulation.

The advertisement highlights the advantages of filling gas cylinders, including the flexibility to purchase any quantity and the ability to verify the volume of gas filled.

The Accra Times sources indicate that the counter advertisement is sponsored by LPG operators who are displeased with the NPA’s use of state resources to promote cylinder circulation while neglecting the traditional cylinder filling method. These operators have joined forces to advertise their preferred mode of selling LPG.

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The government has been advocating for an LPG cylinder circulation policy, which currently operates alongside the traditional filling method. However, filling remains the dominant mode of LPG purchase. The emergence of the new advertisement reflects widespread opposition within the sector to the cylinder circulation policy and underscores a lack of unity.

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Many LPG station operators are apprehensive about the potential business implications if cylinder circulation becomes mandatory. They are also concerned about the lack of compensation from the government if they are required to transition exclusively to serving as pickup points for filled cylinders.

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These concerns have solidified their resistance to the policy.

Observers in the market suggest that the new advertisement could prompt the NPA to initiate discussions with stakeholders to find common ground on the issue.

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