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Daboy Kenzi shares bouncy Afrobeats song ‘Kilo Wan So?’

If the sweet nothings of ‘Your Body’ had you yearning for more music from the fast-rising crooner, you and thousands of others got your wish granted! Daboy Kenzi is back in sight with a new song in hand and as June slowly creeps into view, your guess is as good as ours. He is bringing the head to summer aficionados!

Titled ‘Kilo Wan So?,’ this bouncy Afrobeats song was made to inspire. Yung D3mz and Uche B’s up-tempo production brings this feeling to life; their groovy beats partly relay the track’s hope-filled message and pave the way for Kenzi to engross, which he does with class. His honeyed vocals melt into the harmony of sounds to give a hypnotic feel served in elegant Nigerian lingo.

Though many unfamiliar with Yoruba will bop to ‘Kilo Wan So?’ strictly for its vibe, Daboy Kenzi envisions it to be much more: “‘Kilo Wan So?’ is a song for inspiration,” the artist shared with the media. “It is my way of reminding people that no matter how rocky this expedition called life gets, there will always be happiness for you.”

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If you’re yet to discover the vibrant music of Daboy Kenzi, you will be pleased to know he has been a regular in the industry scene since 2021. The singer debuted with ‘Jara’ that year and has slowly become a favourite among Afrobeats enthusiasts.

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Like his previous releases, ‘Kilo Wan So?’ has character and style but still manages to hold its own compared to its contemporaries, thus another moonshot for the artist as he continues to refine his music under the q17 Dynasty.


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