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E.L Drops Surprise Trailer for “BAR 7”; Social Media erupts

Surprise, surprise! The year’s best-kept secret is finally out, and social media is erupting. “BAR 7” is coming to streaming platforms on July 26!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s “BAR 7!” E.L is back in the mix with class. Without any prior warning, he unleashes the official trailer for his iconic Best African Rapper series–the aptly titled “BAR 7 (Intro) [Trailer],” giving Hip-Hop heads and critics a glimpse of what’s to come.
Announcing his latest project with a sky-high spotlight akin to the iconic Bat-Signal probably a nod to his most streamed track, ‘Superhero’–E.L is back with a vengeance like the caped crusader. He flexes his lyrical wit, rapping next to a Harley Davidson motorbike so you know it’s going to be a terrific ride.

Speaking on why the wait was so long, the award-winning artist shared in a press release, “You know it is a good project when people rage after just one year of absence. In actuality, I had to take time out to pursue something unrelated to music.”

E.L also points to the symbolism of the number 7 as being instrumental for the series’ seventh instalment. Nonetheless, Hip-Hop fans can expect a thrill that reflects E.L.’s evolution as he makes another case for why he is the Best African Rapper.

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ELiens assemble and spread the word! Join the conversation on social media with #BAR7 and stay tuned for more thrilling updates. Watch the “BAR 7 (Intro) [Trailer]” here.

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