Monday, December 11, 2023
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Farmerline: Ghana’s Agritech Startup Joins World Cocoa Foundation

The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) has inducted indigenous Ghanaian based Agri-Technology Company, “Famerline” onto its long list of internationally acclaimed membership.

In a Twitter announcement, WCF expressed how thrilled they were to have the Ghanaian company onboard its membership.

“We are thrilled to officially join World Cocoa Foundation, after 8 years of intensive collaboration with various members, we are excited to continue the work with many more members in leveraging digital tools and innovative financing to create lasting profit for farmers everywhere”, the Co-Founder and CEO of Farmerline, Alloysius Attah remarked.

WCF is poised to capitalize on public-private actions to accelerate cocoa sustainability through joint knowledge learning and sharing to achieve transformative change in the cocoa supply chain. This partnership offers an enabling environment and additional international exposure for Farmerline to thrive in its programs.

What is Farmerline?

Farmeline is a Ghanaian Agri-tech company dedicated to empowering small-scale farmers to become more prosperous through direct access to agricultural information and improved communication channels among farmers and external agencies.

With their proven methods and techniques, they have connected over 200,000 farmers to the global markets, direct access to buy farm inputs and readily available extension services through their mobile phones.

With farmers receiving direct information services through their mobile phones, farmerline’s innovative process has relieved rural farmers off the burden of strenuous means of accessing weather information, market prices, new farming techniques, agrochemical applications, and financial opportunities.

From a humble beginning in Ghana, Farmerline now operates in Cameroon, Malawi, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, serving over 200,000 farmers, with rising interests from North and South of America.

“In these 8 years, farmers & partners spent 19 million voice interactions learning on Farmerline’s Mergdata voice messaging and virtual helpline. This was particularly helpful in supporting farmers to access vital information and services through COVID19 in 2020. “ Alloysius said.




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