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Finding Your Perfect Home: A Simple Guide to Renting in Ghana

Finding a home to rent in Accra can seem like a lot of problems. If it’s not the many “agents” one has to encounter, then it’s probably the high prices of the properties. Sometimes, too, it’s a concern about unsafe neighbourhoods or even common aesthetic issues like the look of the tiling used for rooms. 

This is why this article is all-important; your simple guide to finding a safe and affordable home in Accra. 

In Accra, most individuals looking to rent are likely to have these three options: single rooms, chamber and hall, and self-contained units. Let us break it down for you:

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Single Rooms are for single individuals who are either starting out or on a limited income. It’s a budget-friendly choice that still allows you to have a place of your own

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The chamber and Hall are for individuals who want a bit more space. This setup gives you a separate living area and bedroom, making it feel more like a small apartment

Self-contained units offer more privacy and with in-unit amenities like your own kitchen and bathroom. These are usually a bit more expensive, but the convenience and comfort might be worth it.

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Airbnbs are best for vacation rentals and short stays. They usually come in executive-style apartments. Quite a number of them are littered across the capital. 

For most people, (usually workers and students) it is about finding an affordable place – getting a home without breaking the bank. Fortunately, there are options, even though a few, given that inflation is biting hard and landlords are taking advantage of the situation. 

Recently, we stumbled upon Edanra, a renting platform that allows one to pay rent on a month-by-month basis instead of the usual one to two-year rent advance. 

It’s a fantastic website where you can choose a location and browse through several houses to find your perfect fit. The website provides both interior and exterior views of the houses, along with information on when they will be available for rent. Additionally, it allows you to schedule a viewing at a convenient time and day to see if the property meets your needs.

Despite the fantastic assistance of Edanra, local housing agents are still as useful as before. Speaking to agents, they gave perspectives into how much it costs to rent a room or house in many typical safe neighborhoods in Accra. 

In areas such as Spintex, Adjiriganor, East Legon, North Legon, and Oyarifa, using Ednara and the right agents can help you find your ideal home. 

Here are the typical rental prices in Accra:

For Adjiringanor, East Legon, North Legon, and Spintex

  • A one-bedroom self-contained room ranges from GHC 1000 – GHC 2000.
  •  A chamber and hall ranges from GHC1300 – GHC2500
  • A two-bedroom ranges from GHC 1800, GHC3000 and GHC3500

NB: Those in the higher price ranges are largely standard executive houses.

For Oyarifa, Lapaz and Madina 

  • A self-contained unit ranges between GHC600- GHC700
  • A chamber and hall ranges between GHC1000- GHC1200

These prices have shot up slightly from last year, and could potentially have a year-on-year increase. Upon asking housing agent Daniel Buadi about the reason for the price increase, he stated that “some landlords are saying that building materials have increased.”

“Another reason is that some places are very neat … the rooms are very neat and also because of the location. Normally everyone likes East Legon because it’s close to the airport and where visitors stay. In some places like Lapaz, Madina, Ablekuma, and others, rooms are not expensive so it’s about the location.

Disclaimer: The rental prices and availability mentioned in this article are based on information provided by various housing agents and platforms, including Ednara. Prices may vary depending on the specific location, property condition, and market fluctuations. It is always recommended to verify current prices and availability directly with housing agents or property managers. The views and opinions expressed are for informational purposes only and do not constitute professional advice.

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