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Meta Unlocks Monetization Features for Content Creators in Ghana

Content creators in Ghana will now have the option to earn revenues from Facebook’s in-stream ads, when Meta place ads next to the creators' content, ensuring that they benefit financially from their work

The Public Policy Manager for Anglophone West Africa at Meta, Sade Dada, has informed the Ministry of Information in Ghana, about Facebook’s monetization and its enhanced features for content creators.

The new development follows Meta’s decision to approve 20 African countries, allowing content creators to monetize their accounts and make money from content posted on the Facebook platform.

In a press release sighted by The Accra Times, the Ministry of Information announced the development, with Sade Dada outlining the new opportunities available. Content creators in Ghana will now have the option to earn revenues from Facebook’s in-stream ads, when Meta places ads next to the creators’ content, ensuring that they benefit financially from their work.  

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According to a statement from Meta, it has established guidelines for creators looking to monetize their content on its platform.

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“To use either product, creators must pass and remain compliant with Facebook’s partnership monetisation policies and content monetization policies and they must be at least 18 years old.” Excerpt of the statement read.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, will introduce ads on reels, which will offer another revenue stream for creators. These monetization features will be extended to Instagram later this year.

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To participate, content creators must adhere to Meta’s monetization policies and guidelines focusing on content and presentation. Advertisers must also follow Meta’s advertising standards to ensure a positive user experience and meaningful connections.

Commenting on the rollout, the Global Partnerships Lead at Meta, Moon Baz, said Meta celebrates talented individuals who share their stories and build communities on Facebook.

“Every day, we’re inspired by the incredible African creators who use Facebook to tell their stories, connect with others and bring people together,” Baz said. 

He further explained the different types of In-stream Ads by providing a breakdown of the various formats available.

The monetization of content in Ghana empowers local creators to earn from their online content, access advanced tools, and maximize their online presence, representing a significant milestone in promoting digital innovation, entrepreneurship, and the growth of Ghana’s digital economy.

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