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Sarkodie Represents Ghana at the Hennessy Africa Cypher 2024

The cypher opens with ecstatic verses and flows from six of Africa's finest rappers

Hennessy Nigeria has released the 2024 edition of their annual rap cypher, bringing together a congress of talented rappers from across Africa to showcase their exceptional lyrical prowess and rap skills.

On June 26, 2024, the cognac brand released an intense eight-minute cypher, after being postponed from its original date of June 24. It features six of Africa’s finest rappers, including Maglera Doe Boy (South Africa), Didi B (Ivory Coast), Young Lunya (Tanzania), Khaligraph Jones (Kenya), Ladipoe (Nigeria), and Sarkodie.

The 2022  edition of the Hennessy Africa cypher featured M.anifest from Ghana, alongside Vector and M.I Abaga from Nigeria, Octopizzo from Kenya, and A-Reece from South Africa.

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The cypher opens with ecstatic verses and flows from Young Lunya, then moves into French raps by Didi B. Next up is Sarkodie, with his impeccable delivery skills, followed by Ladipoe, who delivers scathing metaphors and bars. Lastly, Khaligraph Jones concludes the cypher with his apt rhymes and verses.

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Adjudged as one of Ghana’s greatest rappers, and widely renowned for his exceptional flow and mastery of cadence, Sarkodie briefly addresses the dark side of record label deals in Africa, and the dubious means they employ to trap African artistes.

Additionally, the “Brag” composer also delivers boastful lines, affirming his position as a top-tier rapper with his signature tongue-twisting rap style.

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Ever since its inception in Nigeria, the Hennessy Cyphers have grown to be the most well-known cypher platform where fans can witness rappers, both established and up-and-coming, perform a lyrical exhibition annually. Over 60 African rappers have been featured on The Hennessy Cyphers since its launch.

Watch the full video of the cypher here:

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