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Saturday Morning Hangover Blues: Russian – Ukraine War

We're the very people who cry about unemployment and yet when one small chance comes up at the bottom, we seal it at the top with an extended contract.

Yours Truly’s flapper was gasted when I read in the news of my President addressing some international audience that the situation Africa finds itself in is due to Russia’s aggression on Ukraine!

So are we still harping on this mantra? By the way, what do we get from Russia? Not fertilizer? Of the 60-plus years we still have to import fertilizer? A Republic where almost anything can grow? Even carrots and cabbage which are exotic food crops can be grown in this Republic. By the way, didn’t we start experiencing hikes in food prices long before the Russia and Ukraine war?

Ibi Ghana we dey!

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What do we get from Ukraine? Wheat. What’s the percentage of wheat consumption in our food consumption routine? Granted. We rely heavily on wheat flour for our pastries in this Republic of our death.

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Wheat can be grown here, can’t it? We go to African food festivals on weekends and taste and are impressed with pastries made with our local tubers and we do the usual ahhs and wows whiles chewing on them and it ends there.

Come Monday morning and we’re chasing after tea bread, butter bread and sugar bread, all made from imported wheat. Why won’t Russia and Ukraine affect us?

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Ibi Ghana we dey!!

Rasta tells me there are coffin loads of research materials on production of fertilizer at our research institutes awaiting burial! As for the ones gathering dust on the shelves, they are waiting to be replaced with new ones and transferred to the coffins to be buried. And yet we import?

Ibi Ghana we dey!!

What has La done to my President and his Honables?
La General Hospital has been razed down. Trade Fair Site in La is caput. Labadi Beach Hotel and La Palm Royal hotels are up for sale to government apparatchiks.

What at all has this community done to this administration to suffer this way?
Can this also be as a result of the Russia and Ukraine war?

Saturday Morning Hangover Blues: If you Don’t Get it…

Ibi Ghana we dey!!

Yours Truly is beginning to believe Rasta and Bra Ken that a lot of policies being introduced in the Republic in recent years were not thought through well. Someone just has a hunch and bam! It becomes policy.

Some news was in circulation about a mandatory health insurance scheme for foreigners entering the Republic and just when citizens were about dissecting it and begin questioning the rationale behind it, then the same people who put it into the public space are telling us that it was just a proposal. A proposal with a date of taking effect?

Maybe the Russia and Ukraine war could not permit the proposal to go to the cabinet in our number one residence in Kanda for it to be looked at and approved.

Ibi Ghana we dey!!

The World Hangover Associates led by Rasta can’t just put a finger on what at all is the inspiration behind giving extended contracts to people who go on retirement.

We’re the very people who cry about unemployment and yet when one small chance comes up at the bottom, we seal it at the top with an extended contract.

So let’s ask, is it because there’s no other person to fill in the gap when people at the top are due for retirement and have to be given an extended contract?

One basic characteristic of a leader is to mentor and inspire those below them to become leaders. Abi? If this holds true then those who apply for extension or accept extension should know that as leaders they failed. And why should we still maintain a failed leader?

Saturday Morning Hangover Blues: If you Don’t Get it…

Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

You see how the Russia and Ukraine war can affect us so much that even 2024 BECE is in a limbo?

Sometimes we bite much more than we can chew. Parents didn’t beg for exams registration fees should be borne by government. All they wanted was being paid well to take care of their children. Now, here we are.

Anyway, let’s just use the small amount paid to WAEC to buy Pasco for the children to write. It’s already printed abi? So less cost. Please, don’t look at me with a skewed eye. Haven’t we bought Pasco for students before?

Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

Very saddening to hear that a straight eight As student and a WAEC awardee can’t continue her education. because of lack of funds. Hmmm…ohia yɛ ya!!

Don’t be surprised to find an F string student sitting comfortably in some lecture hall in any of our tertiary institutions who can’t solve 3 +a = 4, find a.

But, ibi Ghana we dey!!

For those who are close to Koo Dame, please advise him to heed the advice to recuse himself from the matter before the Black Robbed learned woman.
First, it was witness tampering, you were advised to bow out. You didn’t.

Now another allegation, evidence tampering. Massa, small disgrace is better than big disgrace ooo… This is certainly not as a result of the Russia and Ukraine war.

Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

Have a great hangover morning and weekend of living in a Republic of ‘one day, one scandal’.

Kwame Rasta

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