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Saturday Morning Hangover Blues: Thinking Inside Out

Another sad situation is the claim that 50% of doctors and 24% percent of nurses trained in this Republic are practising outside the Republic. Na who cause am?

We thank Jah for the guidance and protection of our Honables who got caught up in a violent protest in Jomo’s hometown. One can only imagine how Jomo would be feeling seeing his beloved country in this mess.

Why not? It’s always been taxing the people for the ones who are being paid with tax money to enjoy while some of them find convenient ways to avoid paying taxes themselves.

The same model here. Citizens have been taxed and taxed and even money in our wallet, which is not money invested in a business, is being taxed. We wait to see which crop of leaders in this Republic of our death will amend the constitution for Presidents to be taxed as being recommended.

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Ibi Ghana we dey!!

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Which right-thinking President would want to be taxed while enjoying showers and baths in the air? Or which of them will be willing to pay taxes while enjoying thirty to fifty vehicles convoy at top speed to occasions in the Republic?

And with all the speed, they arrive late. Especially, festivals and durbars of which they are invited guests. What worries Rasta is that the Chiefs and people will be waiting in the hot sun or sweating under canopies with tarpaulin as the roof.

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And when they arrive late with their peiiig poong they expect the people to rise up and welcome them. Then they present a nicely crafted speech doused heavily in promises which never get delivered and receive hurrays from the people.

People have forgotten about the productive time they wasted waiting for them. That’s thinking inside out!

They waste our time and we’re happy in the end, because of some donations they make and it ends there. Do you think the Oyibos don’t see these people’s chronic affinity to lateness?

Why do you think all African Presidents were packed into one bus and conveyed to Westminster Abbey for the funeral of the late British Queen? Or was it the coronation of her son? Inside-out thinking for you!

Ibi Ghana we dey!!

This SSNIT matter requires proper thinking inside out paa…
You have chickens for sale because some are not laying the number of eggs you expect. The area-rich guy in the hood who has a very big poultry farm and has connections with the Chief, offers sixty-one beautiful Ghanaian cedis for four of them.
The son of the local council chairman offers up to two hundred hard-earned Ghanaian cedis.
Whose offer will you take and work with? This requires proper thinking!

But ibi Ghana we dey!!

When those of us who have eaten seven boiled vulture eggs are giving prophecies, citizens don’t mind us. They’d rather believe the prophecies of the political preaching crows with the white collars who receive big donations from the political actors when they visit them.

Now, here we are. Who in this Republic who has been nurturing presidential ambitions since he became the mate did not have in mind who would be running after the vehicle calling passengers if he assumed the driver’s seat?

And when he got summoned by the station masters a few months back to tell who he intends to run for him, he says ” gimme some time”.
Thinking inside out, it’s either he was goaded by invincible (or invisible) forces to declare his intention or he’s just joking about the position.

Weren’t the signs written on the wall? In the beginning, was the dull and vibrant drumbeat that the mate who will be running after the car should come from Asante. Who started it?
Then rumour upon rumour began to emerge. No one paid attention. Then another subtle flyer was flying on some online news portals showing Walewale Adam Smith and two others about some conference in July.

Enter the special branch of the Men in Black in the Republic. They also came out with with report of a survey they undertook. Who was behind this?

A few days later, the Republic is hot with the news that the Notoriously Arrogant Political Officer of the Republic was the chosen one. As someone said ‘ the battery is the Lord ‘.

Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

Finally, finally, they say that by the end of July, all teachers will get their Thomas Musa I. Rasta won’t take it with a pinch of salt but rather a pound of sugar. We are waiting to see how it pans out.

Ibi Ghana we dey!!

Barely five months for the Republic and neither the Umbrella Commune nor the Triumphant Patriotic Elephants and all the others are yet to publicize their manifestos. Why the delay? Is it the case of the old practice of copying? Ahhh well….. we’re waiting.

Already, accusations of copying are flying about. That because Little Dramani chose a former minister of education, Walewale Adam Smith too has followed suit by choosing a former minister of education. Funny isn’t it?

Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

So sad that a country whose official name begins with Republic wouldn’t commemorate the day with a holiday. At least citizens would have gotten a long weekend this weekend. What a shame!!!

Another sad situation is the claim that 50% of doctors and 24% percent of nurses trained in this Republic are practising outside the Republic. Na who cause am?

Have a great hangover morning and a good weekend of thinking inside out.

Kwame Rasta

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