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Saturday Morning Hangover Blues: Tithes and Taxes

Well, a three-week dumsor is on the way. Get prepared. At least, this time around, we've been informed.

Isn’t it mysterious that the word ‘under’ is found in Twi (ase), Ewe (gome), Ga (shishi) and in English, there’s under to the word ‘understand’? Are these languages related?

Well, let’s leave it to the linguistic experts to explain.
Well of course history tells us that the Ga, Ewe and Akan might have crossed paths in some parts of Nigeria before migrating to Ghana. So……

Ibi Ghana we dey!

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My President promised to put his presidency on the line in combating illegal mining (galamsey) and it was kumbaya in the Republic!

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Eight years down the line, any change? An Alliance of media platforms was formed to fight it. Any headway?

The military and other security operatives have conducted several missions but no show.
This despicable practice is still going on.

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Saturday Morning Hangover Blues: Automatic or Automated

And out of the blues which is actually a blue for today; a PC and some gurus of the Triumphant Patriotic Elephants are reported to have had a meeting with some miners. Whether they’re illegal or legal small-scale miners only Jah knows.

That’s not the actual blue though. That they should go and fight the military, it’s their life. What baffles Rasta is if these were legal miners, why should the military harass them?

You see, now he is employing that political mantra of being read ‘out of context’. What context?

They create a context and say things anyhow and when they are being corrected, instead of accepting their mistake and facing the law and pleading guilty, they say they are
being misread out of context. That’s what they always say. Tweeaa!

Let an ordinary Republican say this at a public space and the Chief of the men in black will order a swift arrest and prosecution.

Ibi Ghana we dey!

So, what is happening to the planting for food and jobs, part two? One would’ve thought that since part one was a magnificent failure, some lessons would be learned to implement in part two. Abi?

Today, prices of foodstuffs just keep getting more costly. Legacy!

Saturday Morning Hangover Blues: If you Don’t Get it…

Ibi Ghana we dey!!

News is that the Honourable Bra Ken has teamed up with Walewale Adam Smith on his campaign wagon. Caution!

He could be the bull in a China shop. So unpredictable is he to make an alliance with someone he accused of being favoured by the party to win the primaries.

What didn’t he say when he lost the primaries against The Triumphant Patriotic Elephants and Walewale Adam Smith? Will he retract? Anyway, only a fool doesn’t change his mind.

But, ibi Ghana we dey!!!

Well, alright. Nobody in this Republic of our Death isn’t familiar with the economic theory propounded by Walewale Adam Smith “If the fundamentals are weak, the exchange rate will expose you”. And as to why it is being used to bash him is a bit confusing. The man was right!

Here’s the head of the Republic’s economic management team made up of stalwarts of economic management who started on a threshold of four cedis to the dollar and now managing fifteen cedis to the dollar.
Whose foundation is exposing who?

Ibi Ghana we dey!!

So the sycophantic bootlickers are still blaming COVID-19 and Russia and Ukraine war for the economic situation we find ourselves in today? Aba!

Ibi Ghana we dey!!

It is shocking that we get lied to frequently and we don’t say anything. We were here in this Republic and teachers were promised ‘one teacher one laptop’.
Note that teachers did not ask for it. And yet, monies were deducted.

To date, not all have got theirs and the union leaders are there. For what reason, only they know. More disheartening is a good number of those who got theirs have dumped them because the laptops are not working.

The question is, monies were collected en masse, so why have some people got them and others don’t have them? Three years down the line!

Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

This week, the almighty Walewale Adam Smith is telling us that every student in Senior High/Technical School has been given tablets. Please, just ask around. They say, trust but verify. No bi so?

Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

Taxes to be modelled on the tithe system? This is what Walewale Adam Smith is promising. This is as confusing as the 24-hour economy being peddled about by Little Dramani and his gong gong beaters.

Please, the gong gong beaters should spare us the waste of time listening to them explaining these concepts on radio, TV and all other media platforms. Let the people who said it come and remove their mouth! We taya!

Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

By the way, does anyone know why sports presenters on radio in the local languages speak as if they envisage dumsor at their stations so they have to rush to deliver the available information before the dumsor comes?

Well, a three-week dumsor is on the way. Get prepared. At least, this time around, we’ve been informed.

Have a good hangover morning and don’t worry yourself thinking about taxes and tithes and the 24-hour economy this weekend.

Let them say whatever, we are seeing and feeling what’s happening.

Kwame Rasta
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