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Sophia Momodu Responds to Davido’s Lawsuit.

The "Unavailable" hitmaker repeatedly threatened Sophia to have sexual relations with him or face severe consequences.

Sophia Momodu has responded to Davido’s lawsuit filed against her in the Lagos State High Court regarding custody of their daughter, Imade Aurora Adeleke.

In a lawsuit filed on June 22, 2024, by Momudu’s legal representatives, Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors and Bimpe Ajegbomogun & Co., the defendant (Sophia Momodu) claimed that her relationship with the singer ended in July 2022.

Following that, the “Unavailable” hitmaker repeatedly threatened Sophia to have sexual relations with him or face severe consequences.

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“Sophia ended the relationship with David in July 2022. Since then, David has repeatedly threatened to make Sophia’s life miserable if she does not make herself available to him sexually,” the statement read.

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Regarding Davido’s allegations of not allowing him to see his daughter, the lawsuit stated that Sophia always allowed Davido access to their daughter but the Afrobeat singer has failed to check up for the past two years.

“Sophia has never denied him the opportunity to see his daughter. He has not reached out on special occasions such as her birthday or Christmas for the past two years, which has left his daughter distressed and questioning why her father has cut contact with her,” it stated.

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Davido Seeks Joint Custody in Legal Battle with Sophia Momodu

According to the lawsuit, despite Davido’s long absence from his daughter’s life, he posts photos of himself and the child on social media to show his involvement as a father in the child’s life.

“Despite this, David posts images of her on social media to falsely portray himself as a supportive and active father,” the statement noted

Additionally, the statement alleged that Davido had stopped paying his daughter’s tuition fees from 2021 to 2022, leaving his father to settle all the debts.

“Since July 2022, David has not fulfilled his financial responsibilities towards their daughter, leaving her school fees unpaid. Their daughter’s school has contacted him multiple times regarding the 2021/2022 school term fees and January 2023, with no response.

Legal counsel was sought in February 2023, resulting in David’s father, Mr Adedeji Adeleke, eventually paying the outstanding fees. 

Despite this neglect, Sophia firmly maintains that the most crucial support David can provide their daughter is his presence and emotional support, excerpts of the statement read.

Sophia Momodu stated that she began legal proceedings to establish a formal co-parenting agreement with Davido two years ago.  However, Davido and his legal team have consistently refused to negotiate a mutually beneficial resolution. 

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