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Young, Famous and African Returning for a Second Season

Netflix’s first African reality show has been renewed for a second season and will be making a return in the first half of 2023.

Young, Famous and African took audiences by storm with its depiction of the lavish lifestyles of the young and famous faces of African entertainment when it aired in March 2022.

With the production of the second season set to take place soon, according to reports, here are some of our favourite moments from Season 1:

1. How do you know my husband?

When Annie gets upset at Zari because her husband, 2Baba, spoke to her (Zari) over the phone at Diamond’s party, she decided to address the issue. However, Zari doesn’t take too kindly to the confrontation and proves to her that she had no malicious intent. In fact, 2Baba was the one who insisted on speaking to her first.

2. Annie and 2Baba’s vow renewal on their 10-year wedding anniversary.

After openly sharing the trials and tribulations they had been through over the years, the couple decided to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary with Andile officiating the ceremony.

3. That awkward moment when…

Diamond invited Zari, his baby momma, to a party he was throwing just a short while after going car shopping with Nadia. This leaves Nadia questioning where she stands with Diamond, who essentially spends the rest of his night focusing on Zari.

4. Naked Dj and Kayleigh finally work through their issues.

From the beginning of the show, we see that Naked Dj and Kayleigh’s relationship is not in the best of spaces. After multiple conversations with their friends on the show, they go for couple’s therapy and manage to kiss and make up.

5. Khanyi and Naked DJ fight like siblings

Khanyi attempts to intervene in Kayleigh and Naked’s relationship by calling him out about how he treats his girlfriend and how unhappy she is that she only got to know of Kayleigh through social media and not a proper introduction. Naked doesn’t take too kindly to this and calls Khanyi to stay out of his business and alludes to the fact that she should focus on her own relationship that’s riddled with its own issues.




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