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10 Days of Financial Tips: Day 2 – Create a Budget

Create a budget

Hello, weekend enthusiasts! As you gear up for some well-deserved leisure time, consider adding a dash of financial wisdom to your plans with a simple budgeting technique.

Start by jotting down your weekend activities and assigning a budget to each, ensuring you strike the perfect balance between enjoyment and financial responsibility. 

How to create a budget

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  1. Assess Your Income
  2. List Your Expenses
  3. Differentiate Between Needs and Wants
  4. Set Financial Goals
  5. Allocate your money
  6. Track Your Spending
  7. Review and Adjust

Apps you can try – Quicken Simplifi, You need a budget (YNAB), good budget, and for overspenders like myself, PocketGuard is highly useful.

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Whether it’s grocery shopping, movie nights, or outdoor adventures, allocating your funds wisely will not only keep your finances in check but also help gain greater value for your money. So go ahead, plan with purpose, and embrace the thrill of a budgeted weekend filled with endless possibilities

Dear Readers, I put out a challenge this weekend. Let our budget be GHS200 for everything, aside from groceries, and let’s see if takes us through the whole weekend. 

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This is it for Day 2. See you tomorrow #letsSaveMoneywithAccratimes


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