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10 Days of Financial Tips: Day 4 – Eat Home, There’s Rice at Home

It's a fresh week, and you're likely either at work or gearing up for it. Let's make a pact for this week: Meal Prep. Whether it's for breakfast, lunch, or both, let's adopt the motto - "There's rice at home."

It’s a fresh week, and you’re likely either at work or gearing up for it. Let’s make a pact for this week: Meal Prep. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or both, let’s adopt the motto – “There’s rice at home.”

Think about it: If you’re spending a minimum of 10 GHS on breakfast and 30-40 GHS on lunch, that adds up to 50 GHS a day on food alone. Multiply that by 5, and you’re looking at 250 GHS a week, hitting a whopping 1000 GHS or more by month’s end (and this is just for weekdays). Quite a sum, isn’t it? So, for this week, let’s put it to the test. Let’s try cooking at home and bringing packed lunches to work.

Consider this: A bag of 5kg rice costs 84 GHS. As a single person, that bag can last you through a week and a half easily. Oil costs a little over 100 GHS, but if you invest in an air fryer, you might not even need it

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Here is a simple quick lunch! food recipe you can try for tomorrow – Egg FRIED Rice

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Day-old rice or 250g long grain rice if to be freshly cooked.

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3 tbsp vegetable oil

1 onion, finely chopped

3 cloves of garlic

4 eggs, beaten

Soy sauce (oyster sauce – optional)

2 spring onions, sliced, to serve


Cook the rice following pack instructions.

Heat 2 tbsp of the vegetable oil in a large wok over a high heat, then add the onion and fry until lightly browned, around 5 mins.

Add the rice, stir, and toast for about 3 minutes, then move to the side of the pan.

Add the remaining oil, then tip in the egg mixture. Leave to cook a little, then mix in with the rice – stir vigorously to coat the grains or, if you prefer the egg chunkier, allow to set for a little longer before breaking up and stirring through.

Sprinkle soy sauce and oyster sauce into the wok and stir vigorously till evenly mixed.

Toss in your sliced spring onions and stir again for a minute.

Tip into a food flask and there you have it. Your lunch

This is it for Day 4. See you tomorrow #letsSaveMoneywithAccratimes

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