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10 Days of Financial Tips: Day 6 – Kick Back and Save: Fun, Money-Saving Activities for Your Public Holiday

How can we make the most of the holiday without breaking the bank? Fear not, fellow budget comrade! Public Holiday and Publicly Broke? Not this time! Here's how to slay Funday on a Budget.

So, the Ministry of Interior dropped some glorious news on Monday – Thursday, April 11, i.e. tomorrow is a holiday. Typical reactions to this news would include – “Yay, I finally get to rest!” and “Whoosh, I can’t wait!” But hold on, that celebratory feeling often gets curtailed by our budgetary constraints. How can we make the most of this day without breaking the bank? Fear not, fellow budget comrade! Public Holiday and Publicly Broke? Not this time! Here’s how to slay Funday on a Budget.

Embrace the Free Stuff:

  • Nature is Your Playground: Think of a picnic on a lawn at home, a friend’s or family members house, or visiting a nearby park, beach, or nature reserve. Fresh air, spectacular views, and zero entry fees – Don’t you love this idea? Pack a picnic lunch (It can even be leftovers from last night’s dinner) to make the most of the day.
  • Local Library Love: Libraries are treasure troves of free entertainment. Borrow books, magazines, even movies! Cozy up with a good book, learn a new skill, or challenge your friends to a board game battle – all for free!

Embrace Creativity:

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  • Do it Yourself (“DIY”) Game Show Night: Dig out those board games collecting dust or get creative with a “jack-where-are-you?” hunt around the house. Winner gets bragging rights (and maybe some special “perks”).
  • Movie Marathon Magic: Skip the cinema fees and have a movie marathon at home. Get some popcorn (DIY popcorn is surprisingly easy!), and get comfy for a full day of cinematic adventures.
  • Get Crafty: Unleash your inner creativity. Dig out old paint supplies, magazines for collages, or yarn for knitting/crocheting. You might surprise yourself with a hidden talent (or at least have a good laugh trying!).

Remember, the best things in life are often the simplest, free or at least budget-friendly. So, this public holiday, kick back, relax, and enjoy some quality time without breaking the bank. Your wallet will thank you later! And you would also thank me later 😀.

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We are half way through our tip saving journey.. Whooo!!! This is it for Day 6. See you tomorrow #letsSaveMoneywithAccratimes

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