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10 Days of Financial Tips: Day 1 – Park Your Car

Day One - Park your Car!

With the recent increase in fuel prices (Diesel: GHC 14.74; Super: GHC14.15) twice over 24 hours, I highly predict another increment soon. While you are it, trying to navigate through, you may consider these options:

  1. Explore Public Transport: Park your car at a convenient spot, and pick a trotro (Ghana’s version of public bus). You can also use the train that passes through Sakumuno to Ablekempe and farther. I would have suggested Uber, but the escalating costs of ride-sharing services like Uber (base fare: GHC 13, waiting time: GHC 0.62 per minute) make it quite expensive for longer trips.
  2. Coordinate Carpooling: Explore carpooling options with colleagues or neighbors commuting similar routes, to share fuel costs and reduce individual expenses.
  3. Leave the house early: If you live in a traffic-prone zone like Spintex, strategic planning is crucial. There are two things, either you leave your house before 6:18 Am (yes very specific, tried and tested) or after 9 am (for typical 9-5 workers) to avoid heavy traffic congestion and conserve fuel. There is no in-between – before 6:18 am or after 9 am.
  4. Stay Flexible:  Given the volatility of fuel prices, maintain flexibility in your transportation choices. Adapt your commuting habits as necessary to cope with fluctuating fuel costs and minimize their financial impact. Remember, prioritizing convenience over financial prudence could lead to unnecessary strain on your budget

This is it for Day 1. See you tomorrow #letsSaveMoneywithAccratimes

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