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From Being Just a Stylist to Building a Glam Brand; Meet CoverBoy Kobby

In an industry that ha taken long to appreciate people who work behind the scenes to make celebrities and public figures, building a trusted brand as a stylist can be a daunting endeavour. However, resilience can make, a lot, if not all the difference.

This is the story of Coverboy Kobby.

Manasseh Nana Agyapong Amoah is popularly known in the entertainment circles as Coverboy Kobby. His entry into the world of glitz and glamour began in 2012 when he co-founded the Malex Modeling Agency back in the University.

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But like they say In the world of fashion, “Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu” and so he had to change to suit the growing changes of fashion creativitiy. Few years after successfully building the modeling agency, Coverboy Kobby decided to venture into the styling field as a stylist .

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From styling musicians, actors , astute politicians all through to top media personalities, he has earned the nickname “celebrity stylist”. Coverboy Kobby has also picked up several awards including one  international award at the Nuit Du Stylist Fashion Awards.

Like an ever evolving process, the realization that the clothing he could be putting on my client’s could be a CoverBoy brand nicely knitted and fitted to the detail birthed the CoverboyGh clothing brand. This brand set out to provide clothing designed with style for purposes ranging from wedding dresses, suits , dinners to anything one will wear on a normal office day.

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Just like any other business in almost every industry, the Ccoverboy brand took a hard hit early 2020 with the devastating COVID-19 bringing everything to a standstill. All major to little events canceled, the world of fashion had it’s hit in it’s own way.

Sitting at home, in the deafening silence of the obvious impact of the pandemic, Coverboy Kobby tells us that as a young man in the complicated world of fashion, he pondered on several ideas and a great one hit him. The idea of Coverboyshoes dawned on him. As quick as a thief in the night, he put together all concepts and ideas which he believed will make the shoe brand just like all other Coverboykobby brands a resounding success. Fast forward to sevent months later and Coverboyshoes is the recipient of the 2020 MB Global Styles Awards, Accessory brand of the year.

Offering footwear for all events and in all forms from full shoes, half shoes , sandals to sleek slippers, the CK shoe brand enables your feet speak volumes.

Below are the brnad’s social media handles
Styling – Coverboykobby
Shoes – Coverboyshoes_
Clothing brand – coverboygh_

Contact : +233 20 731 4221
Email : [email protected]


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