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8-Year-Old Only Survivor After South African Bus Accident Kills 45

An eight year-old girl has emerged as the only survivor after a deadly bus accident at South Africa’s northern province of Limpopo claimed 45 lives.

The incident happened Thursday when the bus driver lost control and collided with barriers on a bridge, plunging some 50m (165ft) into a ravine and catching fire.

According to South Africa’s Department of Transport, the bus was carrying pilgrims travelling from Botswana’s capital Gaborone to an Easter service in Moria, a town in northern Limpopo.

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The only passenger to survive has been taken to the hospital with severe injuries, authorities added.

SA’s Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga, who went to the scene of the incident said a full scale enquiry would be carried out, while urging “responsible driving” among road users.

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