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Adopt Dialogue and Negotiations in Solving Your Problems – Jonnie Hughes Advices Student Leaders

According to him, it is high time student leaders have a results oriented conversation with management of universities to address their problems.

A television and radio personality, Johnnie Hughes, has urged student leaders not to resort to demonstration when they want to address their concerns, but rather use negotiation and dialogue.

According to him, it is high time student leaders have a result oriented conversation with management of universities to address their problems.

He said this during the inauguration ceremony of Student’s Representative Council at the Ghana Institute of Journalism ringway campus on August 23, 2021.

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He continued that destroying school properties during demonstration to address a problem would not answer student’s plights, but rather do more harm.

“Now we have gotten to a point of negotiations, so it is phenomenal of non-violence but rather more dialogue and that for me, I will advise the new executives to pick on, a lot of dialogue because if you dialogue you have power to reach a better deal.”

Mr. Hughes added that the newly GIJ-SRC executives should abhor corruption and always become accountable to its students.

“Many times when people assume power or get a nod as SRC president or executives, their first instinct is to survive, entrench possibly in corruption. The first law of nature is survival, and we all agreed but when people give you their trust you must not break their trust because once you break the trust, it will have a ripple effect on other persons so you must between you and your God deliver.”

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The guest speaker Mr. Hughes further advised the Edem Dei Tutu administration that, they should be a multitask upon their responsibilities to serve the students better and as well make good grades for themselves whilst in school to leave a legacy.

“The executives must recognize that there is a task and a task that have been bestowed upon them by students of GIJ. They saw others, but they decided to choose you, and they chose you for a particular reason because they believe that you can deliver a public good… “

“The key thing is for you not to lose your eye on the ball, because the difficult thing is, you are managing your own academic affairs, your private life, and your life in the public eye and as a student leader. You are Jackling four or five things together, and you do not want to lose focus on all those things. Now, it will take a lot of multitasking to be able to achieve this.”

On the side of the recently passed Nii Lante Led Administration, former president Ishmael Nii Lante Lamptey also advised the current administration to work as a team and utilize the equipment they have left behind for a printing center commercialization.

“Among other things, what I will mention is we were engaging management to start a printing center for the SRC at the new campus. A printing hub where publishing, whatever printing students wants to do they can just go to the SRC printing center to get it done, we requested for a space at the new campus particular, but we have not been given the space yet and I will charge the Edem led administration to ensure that that is done.”

Mr. Nii Lante continued with his achievement for his term such as; purchased commercial printer to start an SRC printing center, passed an Executive instrument into legislation to guide the conduct of course / level elections since the intro of the course system in 2019, also 20 students benefited scholarship scheme, his administration established Audit Committee for the first time, some items for RadioGIJ etc.

However, the newly appointed SRC president, Edem Dei Tutu also thanked the student body for giving him the mandate to lead the study body. He pledged that he will, at all times, work with his executives to leave a legacy that will be to the interest of all students.

“There is a journey that we all have to embark on and a battle we need to fight. I cannot lead students alone as I have always said, there is nothing like a leader, a leader is made by the people around you. We must know that if we build the Ghana Institute of Journalism, we need to build it together.”

These are the newly GIJ SRC executives for 2021/2022 Academic Year.

President                                             Edem Dei-Tutu

Vice President                                      Belinda Agyeiku Eyifah

General Secretary                               Jude Holali Sablah

Financial Secretary                             Etornam Felix Tsawodzi

Organizing Secretary                          Daniel Ofosu Obeng

Women’s Commissioner                     Khadija Leticia Aikins

External Affairs Commissioner          Akua Beduwah Gogoe


The passed executives for the 2020/2021 academic year

President                                 H.E Ishmael Nii Lante Lamptey

General Secretary                   Patrick Abesiyine Anyebuno

Financial Secretary                 Larry Abdus Samad

Women’s Commissioner         Farida Yeboah

External Commissioner          Godfred Mbanasong Zina

Organizing Secretary              Bilson Desmond Boahene


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