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AfriMass Network Launches National Election Conference 2024

The conference aims to explore the role of newsrooms in election coverage, discuss challenges and strategies

As Ghana gears up for the general elections in December, leading Advertising and media organization, AfriMass, has launched a thought leadership conference termed the “National Election Conference 2024.”

The conference set to take place in July, aims to highlight and explore the vital contributions of newsrooms to election coverage, discuss challenges, and propose strategies to enhance the quality and impact of electoral journalism.

“The conference also aims to promote violence-free elections and the safety of journalists during and after election coverage in Ghana,” AfriMass said in a statement.

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Journalists, policymakers, academics, electoral officials, and other stakeholders will essentially gather to discuss and strategize on the role of newsrooms in national election coverage, especially for Ghana’s impending polls.

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“The event will commence with an opening session featuring a keynote address on the importance of reliable election coverage, followed by industry thought leadership discussions on the media’s role in democratic elections. The various Sessions will focus on the landscape of election coverage, with presentations on current trends in election reporting and panel discussions on the challenges and opportunities in modern election coverage.”

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It is expected that the outcomes of the conference will enable newsrooms to understand their roles in national election coverage, identify best practices and innovative approaches to enhance election coverage and strengthen collaboration between media organizations and electoral bodies.

“The democratic process relies on informed citizens making knowledgeable decisions. Newsrooms play a critical role in this process by providing accurate, timely, and comprehensive coverage of national elections.”

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