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Bawumia was not Officially Informed of the Death of Wa Imam – Spokesperson

The spokesperson to the Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Gideon Boako, has reacted to a news item that sought to suggest that a GHC20k donation made by Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia to the funeral of the late Wa Imam has been rejected.

Expressing surprise in a Facebook post, Dr. Boako, put clarity on the matter by stating the circumstances under which the said donation was made.

Dr. Boako stressed that the point that the Vice President did what Islam required of him as a Muslim to fellow human beings in times of grief.

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See the full post as posted by Dr. Boako on his Facebook wall:

1. Neither the Presidency nor the Vice President was formally informed of the death of the Imam as has been the practice over the years.

2. Final funeral dates are usually stated when such formal announcements are made to the Presidency to facilitate attendance.

3. It follows that since the Presidency nor the Vice President was NOT informed of the death, the Vice President could not have been aware of the funeral date let alone attend same.

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4. As a Muslim, the Vice President upon learning of the death and subsequent funeral performance, notwithstanding the family’s inability to inform him, did what Muslims are required by Islam to do for their fellow human beings in times of grief, by sending his donation and representatives to the family of the late Imam.

5. Yes, a donation was made by the Vice President in good faith, and the said donation was heartily accepted by the Head of the family. We are however, surprised to learn that a few days after the visit by representatives of the Vice President, the donation, which was initially accepted, has been returned to those who sent it.

6. It is unfortunate that such gesture by the Vice President, anchored on pure Islamic values and teachings, found its way into the media.

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