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Black Sherif’s Journey on the Runway Will be for a Lifetime

Black Sherif’s fashion sense is bold, and jiggy and exhumes lots of energy. 

If there’s one thing Black Sherif has come to be known for aside from his enchanting and deeply personal lyrics, it’s his ability to make a statement out of every outfit he wears.  He’s managed to make his army of fans come to terms with his antique yet dramatic fashion style.

And so there was no big surprise when the slender superstar made his debut at the London Fashion Week on February 17 this year representing, Labrum London, a brand that he connected so much with. The fashion brand launched its AW24 Collection, “Designed by An Immigrant: Journey of Colours” at the event.

Labrum is a British African heritage brand, telling the untold stories of West Africa – and this was very prominent in its ensemble on the London Fashion Week runway. 

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Black Sherif on the runway at the London Fashion Week

Colour was very prominent in this Labrum collection, telling stories of cultural influence from the West African region. And for most of us from the region of reference who might have caught the show or followed the show’s hashtag online afterward, what stood out was not particularly the outfits, but the slender superstar from Ghana who was making his runway debut. 

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Black Sherif was clad in a rich green outfit created from patterns of cowries and cocoa, in Adidas Sambas with a brown leather bag to complete the look, and exhibited a stern calmness that showed that this was going to be the first of many struts. Speaking to DJ Juls after the show, Blacko describes the moment as a dream come true.

“I just knew that day was coming, I just didn’t know when. I felt like it had to happen, and, like, even with what Labrum stands for, I just felt like it had to happen….) Everything around Blacko seems divine and he commits himself to making them happen,” he said.

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Although this was Black Sherif’s first time on the runway, he is no novice to the fashion industry. Last year, Italian brand, Ellesse tapped the Ghanaian superstar for its AW23 campaign dubbed “should and shouldn’t be”. Sherif let his confidence and charisma take center stage in his Ellesse tracksuits and shattered ideas of where tracksuits can and should be worn. 

In behind-the-scenes footage that Ellesse shared after the event, a very candid and elated Sherif gave his take on his fashion sense that has dominated the online media for quite a while and gave the ultimate tip to looking like him.

“It’s the trousers for me. If the trousers are going wrong, the whole fit is going wrong,” Sherif said.

As basic as this statement might seem, Black Sherif’s fits are anything but. Everything he wears is thoughtfully picked out, bold, erratic, and yet elegant. Whether he is in loose pants and tight-fitting tops, or bootcut jeans with jean jackets, there is an easiness to it that only a few can replicate.

Black Sherif’s fashion sense is bold, and jiggy and exhumes lots of energy. 

Music and fashion have always enjoyed a very cordial relationship. Both are forms of expression. Artists sing about attending the most prestigious fashion shows and starting the latest trends. For most, getting a design brand cosign is as big as it gets.

The vibrance, energy and ingenuity that fashion enthusiasts exhibit are very characteristic of music – an expression of truth and self. But beyond being able to dress, there is a cadence that is required to hit the runway.  Sherif has that.

Are we going to see more of Blacko?

As his stardom continues to grow, it is very easy to see Sherif represent more brands that are looking for his eccentric and African energy, an energy that is hard to miss and a frame that makes every piece of clothing look like it was custom-made.

Black Sherif definitely has the world at his feet.

Written by Buxton Opoku and edited by Eugene Brown Agyei.

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