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Breaking: UN Security Council Passes Resolution Calling For Gaza Ceasefire

The UN Security Council has passed a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza after the US abstained rather than using its veto as it has done on previous occasions.

The resolution which garnered support from 14 council members, with the US choosing to abstain, also demands the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages.

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The Security Council had been at an impasse since the war began in October, failing to agree on a ceasefire call. The UN has accused Israel of obstructing aid; while Israel blamed the UN, accusing it of failing to carry out distributions.

The move by the US also signals growing divergence between it and its ally Israel over Israel’s offensive in Gaza. Washington has criticised Israel over the escalating death toll in Gaza, where more than 32,000 people – mainly women and children – have been killed by Israel’s bombardment, according to the territory’s Hamas-run health ministry.

Israel Cancels  White House Visit After US Doesn’t Block UN Ceasefire Vote

In response to the US decision to abstain from the vote, Israel has cancelled its delegation’s planned visit to the White House this week.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls it a “clear retreat” from the previous US position, while the US says it’s “very disappointed” by the cancelled visit – but says a separate visit by Israel’s defence minister will go ahead.

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