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BREAKING: Valdimir Putin Wins Fifth Term in Inevitable Election Landslide

Putin says his win in the election will allow Russia to become stronger and more effective.

As expected and predicted by many political analysts, Russian President Vladimir Putin has won a fifth term by a landslide of 87% in the country’s elections, according to a Russian exit poll.

Ahead of the polls, reports suggested that Vladimir Putin did not campaign for votes. He, however, toured various Russian regions, meeting factory workers, the military, scientists, farmers and college students.

But he never mentioned the word “elections” and they were a far cry from anything like a campaign rally. That’s because Putin doesn’t like electoral campaigns, calling them “unscrupulous acts”.

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He didn’t take part in presidential debates either, saying once they were “uninteresting” and had “no point”.

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When he first ran for president he would talk about the “terrorist threat” in the 2000s. In 2012, when he ran for a third term, he thanked factory workers who wanted to save Moscow from “the liberals“ in 2012.

President Putin said his win in the election will allow Russia to become stronger and more effective.

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“Out of every voice, we are building a common will of the people of Russian Federation,” he said at his campaign headquarters.

He also thanked the citizens who came to the polling stations and expressed “special gratitude to our warriors on the line of contact”, referring to the front line of the war in Ukraine.

“No matter how hard they tried to scare us, suppress our will, our conscience, no one has ever succeeded in history. They failed now, and they will fail in the future,” he added.

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