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Burna Boy’s Grammy Recognition Shouldn’t Be Seen as a Big Win for the Continent – KKD

Media, brands and culture expert, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD), has said African musicians should not be so enthused about the Grammys.

The ace broadcaster rather wants music professionals from across the continent to work towards celebrating their own excellence and put an end to the habit of always looking up to the Grammys for validation.

“It’s not a big one for Africa, because Africa alone has so many music genres. In America we are giving an award for rock, rap music, R&B, Choral music, Country music and all the rest of music forms from around the world, you compress them into only one award.

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The ace broadcaster pointed out while noting that Burna Boy’s Grammy recognition shouldn’t be seen as a big win for the continent.

The revered brands expert is of the view that the Grammys and other global award schemes are designed to elevate the western culture; a reason why African musicians need not be so enthused about it.

In an interview with Chrystal Kwame-Aryee on Tv3’s weekend entertainment show, ‘Simply Showbiz’, KKD opined that it is high time music professionals from across the continent built a formidable scheme to recognize achievement in the music business and celebrate their own excellence.

He finds the idea of always looking up to the Grammys for validation totally wrong, stressing the need to value and believe in the African brand.

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“Now should Africa be really enthused about the Grammys? Really maybe we should be thinking about building our own because seriously we are too keen on waiting for the approval of others instead of valuing our own selves because we do not know what we have,” the debonair gentleman and Ghanaian Cultural Ambassador urged.

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