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COVID-19: Gospel Musicians are doing their part – Patience Nyarko

Gospel musician Patience Nyarko has refuted claims that Ghanaian gospel musicians have not done much to help the poor and vulnerable in society in this period of the Coronavirus pandemic which has rendered a lot of people helpless.

The gospel musician refuted these claims during an interview on Accra-based radio Accra 100.5 FM.

“Not everybody does charity work and makes it public. There’s an adage that; ‘If you are going mad, it starts from home’, so, the fact that you haven’t made your charity works public, like in your small area where you feel you can help, you don’t know what we’re doing, maybe we want to do it in secret,” the ‘Obi nyane me’ hitmaker said.

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“It does not mean we aren’t doing anything. Perhaps, the way I’m doing my bit without making it public, that’s how someone is also doing theirs. We’re all helping in our own small way. People are releasing songs to encourage people that they belong to God and there’s nothing they cannot overcome, so, everyone is contributing. We’re doing our best, ” she added.

The musician also disclosed why she in particular does not make her charity works public saying she is not against people who make theirs public.

“I’m not against those who make theirs public. Sometimes, when people make it public, it informs other people about the people who need help and someone, too, makes it public to showcase what they are doing and, so, everyone and their intention; so, if someone also does theirs and says; ‘OK, as the bible teaches us to not let the right hand be aware of what the left hand does’, in all, God is watching us,” she said.

Apart from ‘Obi Nyanime’, the gospel musician is known for songs such as ‘Wakyiaa Na Medi’ and ‘W’afum kwan’.

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