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Crisis in Johannesburg as Thousands Face Second Week without Water

Johannesburg is facing a severe water crisis as thousands of residents endure a second week without water due to the crippling of reservoirs supplying Randburg and the western parts of the city, News24 reports.

The water outage, triggered by a lightning strike on the Eikenhof pump station, affects over 300,000 people in Randburg, exacerbated by subsequent pump station outages, maintenance issues, and pipe bursts.

Many South Africans say the fragility of Johannesburg Water’s system has been exposed, with no failsafe mechanisms in place. Residents, including those with special needs, have expressed frustration over the lack of basic hygiene and demanded a comprehensive solution beyond water tankers.

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Councillors warn of potential protest actions, including a rates boycott, as the water crisis persists, and criticism mounts against the city’s inadequate response. Infrastructure issues, lack of political will, and the need for leadership overhaul and policy changes are emphasized by experts, highlighting the broader systemic challenges facing Johannesburg’s water management.

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