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Diddy’ Son Accused of Sexual Assault in New Lawsuit

The suit alleges that Christian Combs pressured O'Marcaigh to consume tequila that she believes was laced with other drugs.

Christian Combs, the son of rapper, producer, and businessman Sean “Diddy” Combs, is facing allegations of sexual assault in a recent lawsuit that implicates both him and his father.

The 31-page lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, according to an attorney representing the plaintiff, Grace O’Marcaigh.

Grace O’Marcaigh was employed as a crew member and bartender on a yacht leased by Sean Combs and his family in December 2022, as detailed in the lawsuit.

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The suit alleges that Christian Combs pressured O’Marcaigh to consume tequila that she believes was laced with other drugs.

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He also touched her breasts and genitals without consent and attempted to force her to engage in oral sex in late December 2022.

Attorney for the Combs, Aaron Dyer, labeled the suit “lewd and meritless.”
“We will be filing a motion to dismiss this outrageous claim,” Dyer stated in a statement.

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Sean Combs who was also on the yacht, is not accused of sexual assault in the lawsuit. However, he is included in allegations of liability and aiding and abetting.

O’Marcaigh, who was 25 at the time, said that Christian Combs, then 24, came aboard late one night, heavily intoxicated, and began to harass her in a studio aboard the yacht. Christian Combs “cornered” O’Marcaigh in a room, forced her to take shots of tequila and “became physical and extremely aggressive,” the lawsuit states.

The Microphones in the studio recorded the exchange between the two. The lawsuit includes a transcript where O’Marcaigh demands that Christian Combs stop touching her.

Combs grabbed O’Marcaigh by the arm and forced himself on her in the ship’s movie theatre, which was being used as an extra sleeping area. O’Marcaigh was trying to find a place to spend the night since all the rooms were occupied. The assault stopped when another crew member entered the theatre.

O’Marcaigh reported the assault to the captain of the yacht the following morning, but she alleges that after Combs paid him a large amount of cash the same day, the captain failed to take any action.

The lawsuit claims that O’Marcaigh was fired and has struggled to find work in the music industry since then. It also states that she has experienced significant emotional distress since 2022. The lawsuit is seeking damages, which will be determined during the trial.

This lawsuit comes after federal investigators searched his homes in Los Angeles and Miami last week. The previous lawsuits accuse him of various sexual misconduct and other illegal activities. Despite the allegations, the recording industry mogul has denied all of them.

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