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EC Changes Team Responsible for Generating and Publishing Infographics

The Electoral Commission says it has made changes to some of its members responsible for the day to day operations of, particularly the infographics team to address the recent shortfalls.

Deputy Commissioner in Charge of Operations at the Electoral Commission (EC) Samuel Tettey has announced that the team in charge of generating and publishing infographics of data in the ongoing limited voter registration exercise has been changed to prevent data error.

The Deputy Commissioner in a news conference said rigorous mechanisms have been put in place to prevent future occurrences.

“The commission has since made changes to the team charged with the responsibility of preparing the infographics. Additionally, we have put in place more rigorous methods in the preparation of the infographics to ensure that what is churned to the public is accurate,” he said.

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This came after inaccuracies were found in some of the infographic presentations of figures the commission had released about registered voters.

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Samuel Tettey apologised to political parties, stakeholders and the public for the errors in the infographics published during the first 11 days of the registration exercise.

However, Dr. Rashid Tanko, Deputy Director of Elections and IT for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) says they are not satisfied with the Commission’s assurances, arguing that those found complicit should be sacked rather than reassigned.

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“It is not enough for us. Heads should roll at the Electoral Commission. Changing the team is not enough. It is not the answer. What is the quality assurance going on at the Electoral Commission that led them to churn out those fake figures?” he said.

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