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EC Raises Concerns Over NDC’s Intention to use Drones to Monitor 2024 Elections

The NDC says plans to commence the training of some party members on how to use the drones are far advanced.

The Electoral Commission has expressed concerns over the intention of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to deploy drones to monitor the upcoming general elections. According to the EC, this would not be allowed as the act would be an invasion of voters’ electoral privacy and a breach of security.

However, Greater Accra chairman of the NDC, Ashley Moore, has indicated it is part of efforts to strengthen the party’s monitoring system to avoid rigging. He also revealed that plans to commence the training of some party members on how to use the drones are far advanced.

“Greater Accra Region, next week is going to train constituency executives. Train them how to use drones to monitor what happens,” he said during the flagbearer’s tour in the Greater Accra region.

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Meanwhile, Director of Electoral Services at the Electoral Commission, Dr Serebour Quaicoe said they have not been officially notified by the NDC and that allowing the use of drones during elections would be an invasion of secrecy of voters.

“Polling stations are security zones so they would have to apply to the security people for permission to be granted. They would have to apply to the Electoral Commission for the Commission to grant. But it would be difficult for the Electoral Commission or the Police to police to approve people to be using drones at polling stations. The fact remains that polling stations are security zones, we want to ensure the secrecy of the ballot. At a polling station where I am going to make my choice, I want to vote in that secrecy” he told Joy News.

Ghana’s general elections have been marred with distrust and allegations of rigging such that there have been lawsuits after the 2012 and 2020 general elections demanding that the results be declared null and void.

Hence, as the country prepares for the polls in December this year, the political parties are putting in place measures they believe would secure their votes and the ballot boxes in order to avoid any legal issues after December 7.

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