In a statement issued on Thursday, May 9, the EC explained that releasing the serial numbers to external parties could compromise the security and integrity of the electoral system and its operations.

“Releasing these serial numbers to any external parties, including political entities, poses a substantial risk to the security and integrity of our registration processes. That is why this has never been done since the biometric voting system was introduced in Ghana” the EC’s statement said.

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According to the EC, it has nothing to hide in the ongoing registration process and has decided not to make serial numbers public for the risk involved in revealing them is high.

“The Electoral Commission has nothing to hide. It is important to note that the demand for serial numbers of BVRs if granted, could pose major risks to the security and integrity of our electoral system and operations. Prevention of such risks by declining this request far outweighs any concerns and interests of individual stakeholders,” it stated.
The commission emphasized that it has implemented measures to ensure the transparency of the ongoing registration exercise.
The Electoral Commission (EC) assured the public of its commitment to transparency and accountability in the voter registration process by stressing some of the measures taken to achieve that.
Find below the full statement from the Electoral Commission.