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A Bosomtwe Giant, A Baby With A Good Heart not A Sharp Teeth and An Effutu Darling Boy

It’s more gratifying to learn of the heroic exploits of your member of parliament. At least you’re left with a sigh of relief knowing well that the man or woman you voted for to represent you in the house of legislators, is admired by many beyond your constituency.

Like the good book of the Christos said, a wise son makes his father’s heart rejoice, but a stupid son despises his mother… So are the heartaches you experience when your MP is in either in the news for the wrong thing or isn’t at all for underwhelming performance.

MPs do not build roads, I think we know about that already, albeit their duty to their constituents transcends beyond enacting laws in parliament and fighting for ex-gratia every four years.

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It’s a committed effort to elevate citizenry to a status where they wouldn’t have to look forward to an MPs donation during funerals, weddings or parties. At least then, they wouldn’t have to go back to the chamber with a unified front to debate on salary raise because their constituents are constantly on their neck for ” something small”.

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Unlike those who deliberately walked around their neighbourhood unperturbed knowing well they carried a deadly virus and those who have contributed little to nothing on the floor of parliament, there are ones who are going beyond mere rhetoric to fully represent their people not only in parliament but being deliberate about empowering their constituents, developing their social capital and in effect increasing their livelihood outcomes.

It’s been a fortnight since the 8th parliament was inducted, for the next four years they’ll be busy with works of the house, but already we have a couple of them who have hit the grounds working and are in the news for tremendous contribution in their various constituencies. Here, AccraTimes looks at the legislators who top the list.

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A Bosomtwe Giant, A Baby With A Good Heart not A Sharp Teeth and An Effutu Darling Boy
Dr Adutwum poses with beneficiaries.

Education is expensive, trust me. It’s soul drenching to see many dreams halt due to the lack or absence of formal education. What the BOSOMTWE MP is hoping to achieve with his constituency regarding formal education is commendable. Over the week, his 100 Engineers in 10 Years education initiative which saw a little over 30 Senior High School Graduates gain admission into two of the finest Engineering Universities in the country received many accolades.

With tuition, accommodation and every other ounce of money needed have been accounted and catered for by the former Deputy Minister of Education.
It’s remarkable to note the investment in human capital development he is undertaking in his constituency. Very modest and stringent goals are consequential of clear cut plans, easy to implement and can be properly evaluated.


A Bosomtwe Giant, A Baby With A Good Heart not A Sharp Teeth and An Effutu Darling Boy
Sam Okudzeto with beneficiaries

Boat fatalities are a thing not only in the world but in Ghana as well. The North Tongu Constituency has had its share of this unfortunate situation in the past. So Mr. Ablakwa, a baby with a good heart donated several items including 200 life jackets to the various boat association in his constituency.
The North Tongu is enviably one of the finest gentlemen in parliament. His political growth is outstanding and one to learn a lot from. Suffice to say, he isn’t a baby with a sharp tooth anymore but a brave son of the land contributing his quota to its development and growth. He is determined to reduce fatalities as much as possible and to ensure boat transportation on the Volta river is safer.



A Bosomtwe Giant, A Baby With A Good Heart not A Sharp Teeth and An Effutu Darling Boy
Afenyo Markins with beneficiaries

If you’ve listened to professionals complain about places they are posted to, you must have noticed that all that they’ve always asked for is some form of extrinsic incentive to motivate them. Many MPs in the past have done that undoubtedly, notable among them is the teachers’ scheme by the member of parliament for Abetifi, Bryan Acheampong, but I digress. Just some two days after his inauguration as the member of parliament for Effutu, Afenyo Markins, he was in the news for donating 40 laptops to newly posted teachers to his constituency.

It is vital to make living comfortable for professionals, it invariably translates to better service delivery and it’s consequential to outstanding academic success among school children. But more importantly, for a country that has a shaky ICT foundation, encouraging the use of computers is a step in the right direction, considering the trickle effect of inculcating IT in teachers.

We at AccraTimes believe this is but a small fraction of our heroes in parliament. It’s been barely a month since the 8th inception. We hope to bring you more of this to celebrate the little strides been made by our legislators.


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