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Ess Thee Legend Shows off her Bold New Style in Afro-Soul Stunner ‘Abyss’

The EP, a harmonious blend of Ess Thee Legend’s rap and soul prowess, is set to make a unique impact during International Women’s Month in March.

In a surprise move, Mad Woman, the avant-garde women-led agency nurturing creativity, proudly unveils its first female talent, Ess Thee Legend (formerly known as Essilfie). The vocal sensation hits the ground running under her new outfit
with ‘Abyss,’ the lead single off her upcoming EP “You Will Know My Name.”

‘Abyss’ was produced by Almighty Trei, a Ghanaian producer who excels as a songwriter and artist. It touches on the moments of despair, confusion and angst that define a relationship on its last legs. Like every sunken ship, all there is to salvage from the wreckage is clarity of thought and Ess Thee Legend gets her fair share over the engaging beat on offer.

“Sometimes we feel those we love slipping away and we struggle to understand why,” the singer said in her press release. “It gets complicated and all we can do is make peace with the reality of the situation: calling it quits, seeking peace and ultimately, closure. ‘Abyss’ is a song that captures the emotions and thoughts we try to process when faced with such a challenge.”

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Ess Thee Legend, a force at the intersection of rap and soul, uses her music not only to showcase her exceptional talent but also to articulate the profound challenges faced by female artists. ‘Abyss’ invites listeners into the depths of her artistry, giving a glimpse into the complexities of navigating a love lost while seeking clarity and closure.

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The EP, a harmonious blend of Ess Thee Legend’s rap and soul prowess, is set to make a unique impact during International Women’s Month in March. Collaborations with artists such as Titi Owusu, Darkua and Rie Osei promise an empowering journey, challenging norms and breaking barriers.

Mad Woman invites the media and music enthusiasts to celebrate the emergence of Ess Thee Legend, a trailblazer redefining the narrative for female artists.

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From the fiery bottoms of ‘Abyss’ to her soon-to-drop EP, “You Will Know My Name,” Ess Thee Legend’s bold new direction is an ode to women’s resilience, creativity and power in the
music industry.

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