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FDA Makes Changes to Advertisement Approval Statement

The FDA has made changes to its advertisement approval statement for businesses and products that are advertised in the media, expected to take effect from February 1, 2021.

In a press release, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) states that the statement will henceforth simply be “This advert is FDA Approved,” instead of the existing “This advert has been vetted and approved by the FDA.”

It has therefore called for all new applicants wishing to advertise their products in the electronic and print media to take note and make the necessary amendments henceforth.

“As a result, all new applicants who wish to advertise their products in the electronic and print media should take note and make the necessary amendments,” the statement said.

It also took the opportunity to remind the general public that anyone who advertises without the approval of the Authority is in violation of the law and would attract sanctions.

“The FDA would like to take this opportunity to remind all its clients that per Sections 100(2) and 114(1) of the Public Health Act, 2012 (Act 851), it is an offence to advertise any FDA regulated product in the media unless the advertisement has been approved by the Authority,” it said.


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