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Fella Makafui was Invited by Police, not Arrested – Manager

Contrary to popular claims that Fella was arrested for the sale of unapproved drugs, her manager has revealed she was instead invited for questioning.

Actress Fella Makafui’s management has urged the general public and her fans to dismiss the arrest reports by the investigative documentary firm ISPYGH 247, stating that she was only invited and not arrested.

In a press statement dated May 23, Fella’s management stated that when the police invited her, she presented her license from the Ghana Traditional Medicine Practice along with details of FDA-registered products.

“She shared all necessary information about the issue to assist the investigation and presented her license from the Ghana Traditional Medicine Practice along with details of her FDA-registered products,” according to the statement.

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The statement added that actress Fella provided information on the few products still undergoing the registration process and clarified that she was not arrested or granted bail regarding her invitation to the police station.

“For the avoidance of doubt, please note that there was no arrest or bail regarding this matter,” the presser stated.

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A press statement from ISPYGH 247, a media firm claiming to have investigated Fella Makafui’s activities, states that after six months of monitoring her social media accounts, they gathered evidence of illegal activities, including the sale of unregistered drugs, false advertising, and promotion of unapproved drugs.

The statement also revealed that Fella admitted most of the drugs she sold were not registered with the Food and Drugs Authority.

This follows a recent comment by Medikal, Fella’s estranged husband, who claimed the actress had undergone plastic surgery to enhance her body, while she advertised that the changes were due to the drugs she sold.

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