Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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#FixTheCountry: Ghanaian Youth Demand Development, Good Governance from Leaders

Ghana’s social media space, especially Twitter, has been taken over by the country’s youth who are using a very trending hashtag to demand accountability and development from their leaders.

The hashtag, #FixTheCountry, at the time of this report was number one on Twitter in Ghana and number two worldwide. Started by a young social media influencer  @gyaigyimi, the hashtag has been taken over by celebrities and very influential people.

“The #FixTheCountrynow and #FixTheCountry agenda is not aimed at the sitting government or in support of the opposition. It is a cry for good governance and accountability. We want to Make Ghana the Black Star of Africa,” @Gyaigyimi had tweeted after other social media user started politicizing the trend.

A number of celebrities have added their voice to this digital protest. Personalities such as Manasseh Azure Awuni, Gary Al-Smith, Nana Aba Anamoah and Lydia Forson have tweeted severally to show their support.

Currently, some parts of the country are facing unstable power supply coupled with water issues that have been worsened by galamsey activities. In the midst of all of these, government is introducing more taxes. These issues seem to frustrate the youth, making things unbearable for them.

Meanwhile, there is a counter hashtag, #FixYourself by other sections of the youth that seem to also challenge young people to fix their own attitudes.




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