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Four Interesting Things to do With Your Partner in Accra For Valentines Day

As couples get cute, and friends celebrate affection, there is always some planning to do to capture the moment in Accra.

February 14, designated as Valentine’s Day has every year been used to mark the celebration of love and friendship. As couples get cute, and friends celebrate affection, there is always some planning to do to capture the moment.

If you are in Accra, here are a few things you can do with your special person or persons.

  • An Uncle Ebo Whyte Play

Uncle Ebo Whyte’s Roverman Productions has every time had a special piece for Valentine’s Day. This year, the play “Unhappy Wives, Confused Husbands” tells the story of unpredictable events that happen when a couple celebrates their 10th anniversary. But producers of the theatrical piece say there’s a catch: the play doubles as a refresher course for the married, an orientation for the newly married and those about to marry, and an insight for the singles.

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  • A night out dancing

For couples who have a thing for dancing and for those who want to make it a first-time thing, there’s an option for salsa dancing at the Afrikiko Restaurant later this evening.

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“Join us on Valentine’s day for a fun night out on the town. We’ll put a spin on traditional salsa, and dance the night away. Afrikan Salsa is a fun way to build community and learn some new moves. Come solo, with a friend, or bring bae!,” said African Diaspora Resource Centre Ghana, organisers of the event.

  • The exclusive dinner dates 

Dinner dates on Valentine’s Day have for some time become a stay in Ghana. Couples wanting to do this, have a number of places to choose from. Like the Dinner and Music Night at Labadi Beach Hotel or a candlelit dinner at Best Western Premier Hotel’s Vine Lounge.

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  • A simple cozy movie night at home

For folks wanting nothing expensive and relatively stressful, a movie moment at home can be a perfect choice. And there’s a long list of romantic comedy dramas to pick or simply just rewatch a series from Netflix’s Bridgerton.

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