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Four Killed in US convoy attack in Nigeria, Others Kidnapped

The attack took place in the southeastern Anambra state, with Anambra Police Command telling CNN that the attackers “murdered two police operatives and two staff of the US consulate and set their bodies and their vehicles ablaze.”

Anambra State, Nigeria – A devastating incident unfolded on Tuesday as a United States convoy came under attack in southeastern Anambra state, resulting in the loss of four lives, including two personnel from the US consulate and two police officers. Additionally, three individuals were abducted during the assault, according to statements provided by local law enforcement and US officials.

The Anambra Police Command, CNN reports, revealed that the attackers mercilessly “murdered two police operatives and two staff members of the US consulate, setting their bodies and vehicles ablaze.”

It is important to note that the deceased personnel were not US citizens, as confirmed by both the White House and local police authorities. John Kirby, speaking on behalf of the US National Security Council, emphasized, “No US citizens were involved in the incident, and therefore, no US citizens were harmed. We are aware of some casualties, possibly including fatalities.”

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Eyewitness accounts indicate that upon encountering security forces, the assailants swiftly seized two police operatives and the driver of the second vehicle in the convoy. Deputy Superintendent of Police, Ikenga Tochukwu, stated, “No US citizen was present within the convoy.”

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In response, joint security forces have initiated a comprehensive rescue and recovery operation in the affected area, as confirmed by the police.

The US State Department spokesperson conveyed that the personnel from Mission Nigeria are collaborating closely with Nigerian security services to conduct a thorough investigation into the attack. “The safety of our personnel is of utmost importance, and we take extensive precautions when arranging trips to the field,” the spokesperson emphasized.

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The incident serves as a grim reminder of the risks faced by individuals involved in diplomatic and security missions. Authorities are committed to bringing the perpetrators to justice and ensuring the safe return of those abducted. The Accra Times will continue to monitor developments in this tragic event and provide updates as information becomes available.

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