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Ga Dangme Council Denies Marriage Ceremony, Calls Gborbu Wulomo Engagement to Underage Girl as Betrothal

The Ga Dangme Council has denied the marriage ceremony between the Gbogbu Wulomo, citing the ceremony as mere betrothal and therefore has no legal implictation.

The Ga Dangme Council has denied the marriage ceremony between the Gbogbu Wulomo, citing the ceremony as mere betrothal and therefore has no legal implication.

The viral news of Nungua Gborbu Wulomo’s marriage ceremony to a 12-year-old girl has sparked several debates on customary practices and the law. The backlash has come from many places while the authorities involved have tried to deny its veracity.

In a published press release on April 1, the council indicated that upon consultation with the Gborbu Wulomo and his elders, they’ve ruled out any legal implications based on the ceremony being betrothal and not a marriage. They have subsequently taken the sides of the Wulomo thus far.

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“The council has engaged the Gbobu Wulomo himself and some of his elders and it is important to clarify that the traditional ruler has stated that the relationship with the underage girl is a betrothal and not a marriage. This distinction to us has altered the legal implications. We are inclined to side with the Gborbu Wulomɔ,” part of the statement said.

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The council also claimed that the initial media report, which indicated that another ceremonial rite would take place later, corroborates the Gbobu Wulormo’s assertion that the recent one was merely betrothal. They however acknowledged that, although betrothal could involve minors, it doesn’t warrant sexual encounters with them.

“Since the original reportage made the point that there was another ceremony that awaited the girl to purify and prepare her for procreation. We concede that whilst betrothal could involve an underage person, it does not grant license to the person to start having a sexual relationship with such a child thereby jeopardizing her education and even endangering a difficult childbirth since her organs are not properly developed,” the statement added.

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The council was also quick to lay blame on the doorstep of the Master of Ceremony (MC) who facilitated the ceremony. The council, per their checks, claimed the said MC employed too many hyperboles which inevitably misled the public gathering.

“Further probing has however revealed that instead of a traditional betrothal the MCs who are known during such occasions to exaggerate issues in order to create laughter and liven up the occasion misled everybody present as well as the entire community to believe that what was happening was a traditional wedding,” it added.

Read the Full Statement Here:

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