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Gender Minister Secures Injunction Against Declaration of Walewale NPP Parliamentary Primary Results

Gender Minister and current MP for the Walewale constituency, Lariba Zuwera Abudu has secured an injunction to have declared results at the recent NPP Parliamentary Primaries in that constituency put on hold.

The Minister is contesting the results in court, alleging electoral irregularities and malpractices. In one of the instances, she notes that dead people were even on record to have voted in the Saturday elections.

Her side is also contesting the election results on grounds that an alleged Electoral Commission official handpicked rejected ballots and distributed them as valid votes for two other contestants.

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“The injunction is interim, it is 10 days but you see (ex abundanti cautela), that is out of abundance of caution, we even have an injunction application on notice so that before the 10 days elapsed that one would’ve equally been moved and even with that pend­ing application itself is a restrain­ing order,” her lawyer, Sylvester Isang said to the media.

The Minister lost to Dr. Abdul-Karibu Tia Mahama, who was declared the winner by a seven-vote difference.


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