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GH¢ 700 Take-Home Pay, No SSNIT: Tanker Drivers Decry Poor Working Conditions

The Tanker Drivers Association of Ghana has publicly denounced the poor state of their working conditions, demanding improvements.

The Tanker Drivers Association has disclosed that its members are paid a paltry monthly salary of GH¢ 700, with no provisions made for their Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) contributions.

According to the Association’s Chairman, Mr Clement Ampadu, the failure to address their concerns has prompted them to embark on an indefinite strike until their issues are resolved.

He pointed out that a significant number of drivers are still paid in cash, while others receive their wages through mobile money.

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Mr. Ampadu said that the welfare of tanker drivers has been overlooked for a long time leading the association to embark on strike.

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He acknowledged that the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has taken the initiative to support drivers by imposing a 3.5% levy on fuel transportation, although transport owners have failed to address drivers’ concerns. But he lamented that the monies end up in the pockets of transport owners instead of drivers.

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In a bid to address the problem, the Association’s leadership met with President Akufo-Addo to express their dissatisfaction.

In the meeting, Mr Ampadu complained that the funds were specifically designated to support drivers, who play a very important role in the petroleum industry, but have instead been diverted to the transport owners.

Despite repeated efforts to address the problem, transport owners have shown no willingness to release the funds to the drivers.

The President in response, has directed the NPA to ensure the funds are released to the drivers.

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