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Ghana and Malawi Sign Visa Waiver Agreement to Strengthen Existing Bilateral Relations

Ghana and Malawi have signed a visa waiver agreement, effective February 7, 2024, enhancing bilateral ties. Past collaborations in trade, education, healthcare, and agriculture have laid the foundation for this mileston.

Ghana and Malawi have recently solidified their diplomatic relations by signing a visa waiver agreement that will facilitate travel for ordinary, diplomatic, and service passport holders.

In a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration dated March 21, 2024, the agreement took effect from February 7, 2024.

Under this arrangement, travellers from both “countries may transit through, depart from and stay in the territory of both countries for a cumulative period of up to ninety (90) days without recourse to work within a calendar year.”

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This development signifies a significant step forward in facilitating more accessible travel and fostering closer ties between Ghana and Malawi. It builds upon a history of collaboration and cooperation between the two countries in various trade, education, healthcare, and agriculture sectors.

The two countries have engaged in bilateral trade agreements to promote economic growth and development, facilitating smoother trade relations between the two nations. They have also collaborated in education, implementing student exchange programs and academic partnerships between universities, benefiting students and institutions in both countries.

Earlier in February, Ghana and the island nation of the Bahamas also signed a visa-waiver agreement to allow all passport holders of the two countries to travel visa-free.

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Last year, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Shirley Ayorkor-Botchway, said Ghana is considering a visa-free entry for all Africans.

“It is something that we are seriously thinking about, I know Rwanda has announced, and Kenya is also looking into it. We are also going to look into it seriously for our fellow Africans and also those of African descent in the diaspora,” she said.


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