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Ghanaian Students in Hungary Lament Struggles as Stipends to be Paid by Ghana’s Government Delays For Months 

Ghanaian students on scholarship in Hungary have issued serious concerns over stipends that haven’t been paid by the government of Ghana for months, leaving most of them in dire circumstances.

“For the past six months, the Ghanaian government has failed to fulfill its crucial responsibility of providing monthly stipends to about 215 students, comprising undergraduates, masters, and PhDs. This negligence has had profound consequences on students’ academic performance and mental well-being,” the students said in a collective statement today, April 4.

They add that despite appeals to Ghana’s Scholarship Secretariat, and other actors, no response has been received, “plunging promising young individuals into desperation and disillusionment.”

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Issues of delayed financial payments to Ghanaian students studying abroad on scholarships appear to be a reoccurring matter. In 2022 for instance, about 2000 Ghanaian students on government scholarships studying abroad, including in even in Hungary were threatened with official notices for blockage of access to lectures, libraries, and other learning activities by their various schools over delayed fees. The issues were later resolved after negotiations with school authorities there.

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But since the Hungary issue came up, Ghana’s Scholarship Secretariat has yet to make a comment.

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