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‘Godfred Dame’s Appointment Termination is Unlikely’ – Senior Lecturer Hints

Professor Appiagyei-Atua says senior members of the ruling party, including Deputy Attorney-General Alfred Tuah Yeboah, have publicly stated that the Attorney-General has done nothing wrong- and that is a clear indication that he won't be sacked.

A Professor at the University of Ghana Law School, Kwadwo Appiagyei-Atua has said it is highly unlikely that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will terminate the appointment of Attorney-General Godfred Dame, despite the allegations levelled against him by Richard Jakpa, a defendant in the Ato Forson case.

Professor Appiagyei-Atua indicated that senior members of the ruling party, including Deputy Attorney-General, Alfred Tuah Yeboah, have publicly defended the Attorney-General of no wrongdoing.

“Definitely, the president should do that [sack the A-G] to save the image of the office but he is unlikely to do that. if the president doesn’t do it then there should be other options, parliament can probe this matter,” Mr. Appiagyei-Atua said.

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Mr. Appiagyei-Atua has called on the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) to publicly address the allegations levelled against the Attorney-General.

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“I expect the Ghana Bar Association to speak out, the silence is very loud. They should have made a statement condemning the act by the A-G and called for his resignation or may be indicated that if that is not done they are going competition the General Legal Council (GLC),” Mr. Appiagyei-Atua said.

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He further stated that if the allegations are proven true, they will dent Godfred Dame’s reputation hence a resignation is imperative at this point.

“If the allegations are confirmed, they would undermine the Attorney-General’s credibility. If the NDC version that I heard is true, it raises a lot of credibility issues for the Attorney-General. The most honourable thing will be for the A-G to resign,” he said.

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is demanding either the resignation or dismissal of the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Godfred Dame, moments after releasing a phone conversation over his conduct in the prosecution of the party’s Minority leader in Parliament and one other in the ambulance case currently pending in court.

During the Moment of Truth series [May 28], the NDC released a 16-minute audio and WhatsApp text messages which according to them prove an attempt by the AG to coerce Mr. Richard Jakpa, (the third accused person in the case) to give false testimonies that would implicate Minority leader, Ato Forson.

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