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Guinness World Record: Ghanaian Man Suspends 7-Day Standing Marathon Over “Rule Breach”

Ghanaian content creator and photographer, Patrick Amenuvor, has discontinued his attempt at a Guinness World Record for longest-standing marathon by an individual, after just over 3 hours into the challenge.

Mr. Amenuvor started the record attempt at the Grace Empire Ministries (GEM) church located in North Legon on Sunday, January 14, hoping to get through till January 21.

But his team issued a statement a few hours into the attempt saying that they were terminating the challenge due to a breach of the rules.

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Due to my integrity and desire to win by fair play, I wish to inform all of my intention to stop my OFFICIAL STAND-A-THON attempt due to some rules I’ve broken which might sabotage my efforts to break the record,” the statement said.

It is however unclear which rules he might have broken to cause him to truncate the record attempt.

Guinness World Record Frenzy in Ghana

Ghanaians seem to have been caught in a craze of breaking and setting Guinness world records.  Last year, a spokesperson from the Guinness World Record said the organisation received around 350 applications from Ghanaian individuals alone for record attempts.

Recently Afua Asantewaa Aduonum and Chef Failatu Abdul-Razak completed singing and cooking marathons respectively. While their record attempts are yet to be reviewed and confirmed by the Guinness World Records, there have been announcements by other individuals on plans to break more records, including some for the longest reading time.

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