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GWR: ‘I was Inspired by Hilda Bacci’ – Liam’s Mum

In an interview with 3News, Chantelle stated that Nigeria's Hilda Baci's world record achievement inspired her to apply for Liam's Guinness World Record.

Chantelle Eghan, the mother of Ace Liam, the record holder for the Youngest Male Artist, has opened up concerning her motivation for filing a world record application for her son.

In an interview with 3News, Chantelle stated that Nigeria’s Hilda Baci’s world record achievement inspired her to apply for Liam’s Guinness World Record. According to her, she went to the Guinness World Record website for more information before coming across another young artist record holder who had held the record for 21 years.

“When Hilda Baci got her approval, out of curiosity, I went to the Guinness World Record (GWR) website to check out what was going on there, the kind of people who held record and then I chanced upon a record that says youngest artist and it was held by a three-year-old for 21 years,” she narrated.

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Eghan explained that following GWR’s rules was a daunting task for her. As part of the criteria for filing a Guinness World Record (GWR), Liam had to have participated in a professional painting exhibition and exhibited his works to be purchased. 

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After meeting all of the requirements, Eghan filed for the Guinness World Record as the youngest male artist on June 16, 2023. 



Chantelle Eghan who is an artist herself and comes from a family line of artists, said she was amazed after watching Liam blend and explore colours for his painting on his first encounter with painting. 

“Being an artist who comes from the family of artists as well, I can assume that he inherited the arts dream.  But at the same time Liam is gifted, since the first time he encountered painting, even the first creation he did, the way he blended the colours, for me I thought he was just trying to catch the colours and spread it but that was his first exposure to painting and his curiosity allowed him to just spread it all over,” she explained. 

According to her, Liam began painting when he was eight months old, after she noticed his talent. 

“He didn’t paint when he was seven months, I just allowed him some time off and then his eight months he just rekindled…I feel he is actually gifted in arts,” Chantelle added.Liam

Eghan stated that while she will assist her son in developing his painting talent, she will also encourage Liam to pursue other interests in the future.

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